Get Out

VR Game | 2022 Fall

Tools: UE5 | Oculus VR | Blender | Cinema 4D

I went to multiple haunted houses this Halloween but none of them were scary or well-made. Inspired by some of the best Halloween theme parks I went to before, I created a VR horror game to see how this technique can upgrade the player’s experience to be scarier. In the game, the player is able to walk with the left controller and hold a red candle, the light source, with the right controller to find their escape path. The only animated NPC in the game right now is a few Chinese vampires that jump back and forth between the woods. The correct path for the player is to hide from the Chinese vampires, climb the mountain, and arrive at the tower to get sanctioned.
Since I was working on this project in the school lab, I did not have the chance to tell the full story after the class ended. My initial ideation is to tell the story of a deplored Asian female trying to escape from the dark forest. The story is settled in a remote village in China a few centuries ago when posthumous marriage, a marriage between the deceased and the alive, was popular at the time. This custom has caused crimes such as human trafficking and the death of many young lives, especially females because they are treated as inferior at that time. In the story, the user plays a soul of a female who was buried alive due to a posthumous marriage. Her soul was able to come out from the tomb during the annual Hungry Ghost Festival. Through a series of adventures and discoveries, the player gradually realized they are not a living person, but a deadly soul. To sanction themselves, the player needs to get through the haunted forest by jumping Chinese Vampires, disguised Buddhas, and more. The forest will be dark, so the player needs to be brave and find the route with the trivial flaming candle in their hand. I hope the player feels empowered through exploring and escaping from this haunted forest if they can.

Selection of the scene:

The assets I purchased: