Third Person Game | 2021 Winter

In China, there is an idiom that says “The collective good is above all else”, and this has coerced many minorities obligated to sacrifice their benefit for others, especially under the “zero-covid” policy the government took in response to omicron. The specific issue I want to address in this scene is the minorities that live far away from the dense population and have much fewer chances to get the virus, and these groups are often elder or disabled individuals who are disengaged from society. To emphasize the “unity” in China, the government makes the healthcare workers travel for a long time to test these people. This conduct is not only useless in response to the virus but also exposed those minorities to a higher risk of exposure.

Initially, I want to create a 3D environment in a form of an escape room and the users act as non-human animals that need to walk on the right woodblocks to get out. The animal I chose to put in this scene is the blobfish, who is almost only able to crawl on the seafloor slowly instead of swimming fastly. By playing like a fish, the player would be able to experience the different moves and perspectives which will cause some trouble. For instance, the fish is not able to get through some gates or high-angle ladders because it is not able to swim like other fishes. I hope through playing this game, the players can experience the difficulties faced by those minorities in China every day to raise awareness that different groups should receive differentiated treatments in response to the pandemic control.

* The ocean audio, sharks, plant, rocks, and camera filters are unity assets.